Linda Gale Talton1

F, ID# 10831, (2 Mar 1948 - 25 Feb 2005)
Father:Cecil Cleveland Talton (31 Jul 1907 - 21 Mar 1952)
Mother:Janie Marynell Harris (2 Feb 1909 - 18 Dec 1984)
     Linda Gale Talton was born on 2 Mar 1948 at Talladega Co, Alabama. She was the daughter of Cecil Cleveland Talton and Janie Marynell Harris. Linda Gale Talton married Unknown Morris a 1950. Linda Gale Talton died on 25 Feb 2005 at Talladega Co, Alabama, at age 56.


  1. [S555] Rita Talton Barrett Research.

Unknown Morris1

M, ID# 10832
     Unknown Morris married Linda Gale Talton, daughter of Cecil Cleveland Talton and Janie Marynell Harris, a 1950.


  1. [S555] Rita Talton Barrett Research.

Ann Hampton

F, ID# 10833, (a 1745 - )
     Ann Hampton was born a 1745. She married John Winslett II, son of John Winslut / Winslat I and Mary Buittle, on 17 Aug 1765 at Horsham Jail, Co Sussex, England.

Mary Winslut / Winslat1

F, ID# 10834, (25 Nov 1737 - )
Father:John Winslut / Winslat I (a 1712 - 3 Apr 1759)
Mother:Mary Buittle (a 1717 - 3 May 1753)
     Mary Winslut / Winslat was christened on 25 Nov 1737 at Binsted, Hampshire, England. She was the daughter of John Winslut / Winslat I and Mary Buittle.
      Mary Winslut is presumed to be the daughter of John and Mary Winslut. Mary was christened only about two months after John and Mary's marriage, but she is believed to be their daugher because only one Winslut family was having children in Binsted at that time. Also Mary's birth would provide the expected birth of a child within the first year of John and Mary's marriage and Mary's birth would line up 17 months before the birth of the next child.


  1. [S556] John Winslett Family Records.

Betty Winslut / Winslat1

F, ID# 10835, (1 May 1753 - )
Father:John Winslut / Winslat I (a 1712 - 3 Apr 1759)
Mother:Mary Buittle (a 1717 - 3 May 1753)
     Betty Winslut / Winslat was christened on 1 May 1753 at Binsted, Hampshire, England. She was the daughter of John Winslut / Winslat I and Mary Buittle.


  1. [S556] John Winslett Family Records.

Mary Elizabeth Chastain1

F, ID# 10836, (15 Apr 1847 - 17 Sep 1939)
     Mary Elizabeth Chastain was born on 15 Apr 1847 at Columbus, Lowndes Co, Mississippi. She married Richard Alexander Dukes, son of PVT Darrington J. Dukes and Elizabeth "Betsy" Singleton, on 6 Dec 1874 at Clarke Co, Alabama. Mary Elizabeth Chastain died on 17 Sep 1939 at Foley, Baldwin Co, Alabama, at age 92.

Children of Mary Elizabeth Chastain and Richard Alexander Dukes


  1. [S543] James E. Dukes Research.

Johanna Woelfel1

F, ID# 10841, (c 21 Aug 1887 - )
Father:Karl Heinrich Ernst Woelfel (26 Mar 1833 - 1 Nov 1910)
Mother:Klara John (22 Aug 1857 - 20 Mar 1945)
     Johanna Woelfel was born c 21 Aug 1887 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany. She was the daughter of Karl Heinrich Ernst Woelfel and Klara John.
      Johanna Woelfel reported the death of Klara's sister Camilla and the death of Klara's sister Martha's son Hubert Richer; Johanna's signatures on the two documents matched. In 1948 Johanna was a seamstress residing at Rothenburger Strasse 4[?], Dresden.


  1. [S548] John-Werner-Woelfel Family.

Feodor Ernst Woelfel1

M, ID# 10842, (c 24 May 1899 - )
Father:Karl Heinrich Ernst Woelfel (26 Mar 1833 - 1 Nov 1910)
Mother:Klara John (22 Aug 1857 - 20 Mar 1945)
     Feodor Ernst Woelfel was born c 24 May 1899 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany. He was the son of Karl Heinrich Ernst Woelfel and Klara John.
      Feodor Ernst Woelfel was a Dresden city inspector, which was an upperl level government position. Feodor reported the death of his mother Klara, when he was living at Dresden, Kaiserstrasse 6.


  1. [S548] John-Werner-Woelfel Family.

Heinrich Ernst Woelfel1

M, ID# 10843, (13 Apr 1806 - 14 Jun 1887)
Father:Heinrich Gottlob Woelfel (a 1780 - )
Mother:(Illegible) Guilliana Werner (a 1785 - )
     Heinrich Ernst Woelfel was born on 13 Apr 1806 at Radeberg, Germany. He was the son of Heinrich Gottlob Woelfel and (Illegible) Guilliana Werner. Heinrich Ernst Woelfel married Johanna Eleonora Damm a 1832. Heinrich Ernst Woelfel died on 14 Jun 1887 at East Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany, at age 81.
      His name, written in old script when his son married Marie Louise John in 1878, is extremely hard to read but appears to be Heinrich Ernst Woelfel. In 1878 he and his wife resided at Innbeln Platz in Dresden at #19 on the 2nd floor; the street name was most likely Louisenstrasse and the Johns lived on the same street.

His name was reversed on his death certificate from that on his son's marriage certificate and from that namesake son's name to Ernst Heinrich Woelfel. His death at age 81 years, 3 months and 1 day on Auguigantass? Street was reported by Ernst August Woelfel, possibly a son, who resided at Dresden, KnulbachStrasse 3 2nd floor.

Child of Heinrich Ernst Woelfel and Johanna Eleonora Damm


  1. [S548] John-Werner-Woelfel Family.

Johanna Eleonora Damm1

F, ID# 10844, (a 1813 - )
     Johanna Eleonora Damm was born a 1813. She married Heinrich Ernst Woelfel, son of Heinrich Gottlob Woelfel and (Illegible) Guilliana Werner, a 1832.
      The death certificate of her husband clearly shows her name as Johnann Damm.

Child of Johanna Eleonora Damm and Heinrich Ernst Woelfel


  1. [S548] John-Werner-Woelfel Family.

Heinrich Gottlob Woelfel1

M, ID# 10846, (a 1780 - )
     Heinrich Gottlob Woelfel was born a 1780. He married (Illegible) Guilliana Werner a 1805. Heinrich Gottlob Woelfel died at Radeberg, Germany.

Child of Heinrich Gottlob Woelfel and (Illegible) Guilliana Werner


  1. [S548] John-Werner-Woelfel Family.

(Illegible) Guilliana Werner1

F, ID# 10847, (a 1785 - )
     (Illegible) Guilliana Werner was born a 1785. She married Heinrich Gottlob Woelfel a 1805. (Illegible) Guilliana Werner died at Radeberg, Germany.

Child of (Illegible) Guilliana Werner and Heinrich Gottlob Woelfel


  1. [S548] John-Werner-Woelfel Family.

Christiane Sophie Kuerbis1,2

F, ID# 10848, (6 Feb 1793 - 1 Nov 1859)
Father:Johann Christian Kuerbis II (c 1766 - 28 Apr 1798)
Mother:Johanne Rosina Reinhold (12 Jan 1768 - 27 Jun 1832)
Charts:William Langfitt Freseman lineage
     Christiane Sophie Kuerbis was born on 6 Feb 1793 at Constappel, Saxony, Germany. She was the daughter of Johann Christian Kuerbis II and Johanne Rosina Reinhold. Christiane Sophie Kuerbis was christened on 8 Feb 1793 at Constappel, Saxony. She married Johann Gottlieb Werner, son of Johann Michael Werner, on 11 May 1823 at Dreikoenigskirche, Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany. Christiane Sophie Kuerbis died on 1 Nov 1859 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany, at age 66.
      Christiane Sophie Kuerbis was born in Constappel near Gauernitz which is between Meissen and Dresden.

Children of Christiane Sophie Kuerbis and Johann Gottlieb Werner


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Oskar Arthur Seidel1,2

M, ID# 10849, (31 Oct 1877 - 15 Apr 1923)
     Oskar Arthur Seidel was born on 31 Oct 1877 at Mockritz bei Döbeln, Saxony, Germany. He married Paula Margarethe Guenther, daughter of Gustav Emil Guenther and Anna Hedwig John, on 6 Feb 1904 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany. Oskar Arthur Seidel married Elizabeth Martha Goehring on 20 Dec 1922 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony). Oskar Arthur Seidel died on 15 Apr 1923 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), at age 45.
      Oskar Arthur Seidel was a militäranwärter or military warder.

Child of Oskar Arthur Seidel and Paula Margarethe Guenther


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  2. [S625] Sabine Bohne Research.

Charlotte Margarete Seidel1

F, ID# 10850, (1 Dec 1902 - )
Father:Oskar Arthur Seidel (31 Oct 1877 - 15 Apr 1923)
Mother:Paula Margarethe Guenther (29 Jan 1882 - )
     Charlotte Margarete Seidel was born on 1 Dec 1902 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany. She was the daughter of Oskar Arthur Seidel and Paula Margarethe Guenther. Charlotte Margarete Seidel married Kurt Richard Berthold Vorkaeufer in 1925.

Child of Charlotte Margarete Seidel and Kurt Richard Berthold Vorkaeufer


  1. [S625] Sabine Bohne Research.

Kurt Richard Berthold Vorkaeufer1

M, ID# 10851, (a 1900 - )
     Kurt Richard Berthold Vorkaeufer was born a 1900. He married Charlotte Margarete Seidel, daughter of Oskar Arthur Seidel and Paula Margarethe Guenther, in 1925.

Child of Kurt Richard Berthold Vorkaeufer and Charlotte Margarete Seidel


  1. [S625] Sabine Bohne Research.

Martha Ann Duke1,2

F, ID# 10852, (c 1821 - 1879)
     Martha Ann Duke was born c 1821 at Alabama. She married Unknown Price a 1839. Martha Ann Duke married Joshua Hudson a 1853. Martha Ann Duke died in 1879.
      Martha Ann Dukes may be another daughter of Elias Dukes. In 1850 Martha Ann and her husband Joshua Hudson, a laborer, were living in Franklin Co, AL with a woman named Francis Duke in the household, who if Martha Ann was Elias' daughter could be Elias' widow Emily.

On 1 May 1850, 1 Aug 1853 and 1 Sep 1858 Joshua patented 40 acres for a total of 120 acres.

In 1850 all household members were shown as born in South Carolina; by 1860 Joshua was reported born in North Carolina, and everyone else except Liza Ann who was noted born in Mississippi, was shown born in Alabama. The family was residing in Rogersville, Lauderdale Co, AL where Joshua was farming.

The family remained in Lauderdale Co in 1870 and 1880 and Joshua continued to farm. In the household were his grandchildren James and Martha Hudson, both age 11 and too old to be his sons' children.

Children of Martha Ann Duke and Unknown Price

Children of Martha Ann Duke and Joshua Hudson


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Joshua Hudson1

M, ID# 10853, (c 1805 - c 1886)
     Joshua Hudson was born c 1805 at North Carolina. He married Martha Ann Duke a 1853. Joshua Hudson died c 1886 at Rogersville, Lauderdale Co, Alabama.
      Alternative hypotheses exist for Joshua Hudson's family.

Joshua Hudson was believed to be the son of Jesse Hudson according to Joshua's great granddaughter Marjorie (Mrs. Harold) Glasscock of Florence, AL. Marjorie's father, Joshua's grandson, was named Samuel Hudson, indicating a possible connection to Samuel B. Hudson, who may have been brother of Joshua. Samuel B. Hudson was born 22 Jan 1809 Mecklenburg Co, NC; died 7-15-1873 Bailey Springs, Lauderdale Co, AL; and was buried in Florence, AL. He married in Lawrence Co, TN on 30 Apr 1840 to Mary Jane Darby (1823 – 1881), who also is buried in Florence, AL. Samuel B. Hudson was sheriff of Lauderdale Co., Alabama in 1862. Their son David D. Hudson (1848-1874) is buried in the same cemetery. (From Mrs. C. E. Moore, Fort Worth, TX, 1965). John D. Hudson (1841-1909) and his wife Texanna White (1855-1919) lie in the same graveyard in Florence and probably are part of the Samuel B. Hudson family. In 1900 Texanna’s parents – Thomas and Mary Ann White from North Carolina lived in the John D. Hudson home in Florence, AL. Lewis C. Hudson, born circa 1848 in Alabama, lived in Lauderdale Co, in 1880 and 1900 according to Alabama census data from Shirley Kinney of Rome, GA. Lewis may also have been a son of Samuel B. Hudson. About 1870 Lewis married Fannie Harrison, and their children were as follows: Guy Hudson born circa 1872; John Irwin Hudson, born circa 1875; Maud Hudson, born Dec 1879; Clyde Orr Hudson, born Mar 1882; Mabel Hudson, born Nov 1886; Myrtle Hudson, born Nov 1888; and Cecil W. Hudson, born Sep 1890.

Samuel Hudson's brother Hearl Britt Hudson, another son of John Henry Hudson, served as mayor of Rogersville, Lauderdale Co, AL for many years. Hearl was born 5 Oct 1896, married Maudie Dean, died 15 Feb 1980 and was buried in the Rogersville Civitan Cemetery on Highway 72.

Alternatively, Joshua and Samuel B. Hudson could be two of the seven sons of John Hudson, who died 1929 in Williamson Co, TN. This John Hudson married Elizabeth Spratt, daughter of Andrew Spratt and Jane Blythe, circa 1799 and had a daughter, Jane Hudson, born 3 Jan 1800 in Mecklenburg Co, NC. By 1820 John was in Williamson Co, TN with a daughter aged 16 - 26 and 7 sons aged 1 to 16. In Williamson Co on 23 Jul 1822 his daughter Jane Hudson married Dennis Stephens, son of Thomas Stephens, born 1829 in Williamson Co, TN. Lafayette S. (Stephens?) Hudson, 1863-1889, buried with Samuel D. Hudson in Florence AL probably is the youngest son of Samuel B. and Mary Jane Darby. Records suggest John Hudson, who died 1829, was son of a David Hudson, born circa 1750-1760, of Williamson Co, who may have migrated from Maryland via North Carolina, but there was no proof.

At various times other Hudsons have lived in Lauderdale Co, such as William Hudson in 1880 who was born 1842 in South Carolina; a widow named Mollie Hudson in 1900 who was born 1863 in Alabama and had 6 children; and Moses Hudson in 1880 who was born 1858 in Alabama and had a daughter named Alabama born 1880. Most noticeable was Luther R. Hudson, who appeared in the 1880 and 1900 census with wife Virginia and various children.

Children of Joshua Hudson and Martha Ann Duke


  1. [S555] Rita Talton Barrett Research.

Hardeman Duke1,2,3

M, ID# 10854, (c 1777 - )
Father:Thomas Duke I4 (c 1742 - c 1830)
Mother:Elizabeth "Eliza / Betsy" (Unknown)4 (a 1750 - c 1802)
     Hardeman Duke was born c 1777 at Georgia. He was the son of Thomas Duke I and Elizabeth "Eliza / Betsy" (Unknown).4 Hardeman Duke married Sally Jordan on 28 Mar 1805 at Oglethorpe Co, Georgia.
      Hardeman Duke of Clarke Co, AL was likely born in Georgia. Hardeman is believed to be Thomas Duke senior's son; although Thomas had other brothers living in the same area in northeast Georgia, no evidence indicates Hardeman was the son of any of those men. Hardeman is believed to be Thomas' son based on the following circumstantial evidence which places Hardeman in the same area with the Thomas Duke senior family:

--Hardman Duke was enumerated as Hardy was on the 1798 Stewart District, Oglethorpe Co, GA tax list, thus he was born no later than 1777. Oglethorpe was just over the state line from South Carolina in northeast GA.
--Hardman Duke defaulted on Jackson Co, GA taxes of 31.25 cents in 1803. Jackson was near Oglethorpe Co.
--Hardman Duke married Sally Jordan in 1805 in Oglethorpe Co. Thomas Duke senior had five legal transactions with the Jordan family from 1787 through 1824, primarily with Josiah Jordan who lived by Thomas and to whom he sold 590 acres in 3 separate transactions.
--Hardman repeatedly applied for land lotteries in 1806 – 1807 in Oglethorpe and Jackson counties with no apparent success. In 1806 Hardiman Duke, Williams Duke and James Duke were registered for the land lottery in Jackson Co, and in 1807 Hardeman Duke, Henry Dukes, Thomas Duke senior, thought to be the father of Hardeman and Henry, and a William Duke junior were registered for the Oglethorpe Co land lottery in Capt. Garland T. Watkin's District. In Chatham Co, GA the unfortunate 1806 land lottery drawers were reportedly Hardeman Duke, Green R. Duke, John Dukes, Edmond Duke, Starling Duke son of Samuel of Warren Co, NC, and William Duke senior; Chatham Co was considerably south of Oglethorpe Co and the family names do not align with those of Hardeman of Oglethorpe and Jackson counties, so this was likely a different Hardeman Duke.
--Hardman Duke was noted in Oglethorpe and Jackson Co, GA records from 1798 – 1807, after which time he did not appear in Georgia records.
--Hardeman Duke, now noted with this spelling, came from Georgia to Mississippi Territory in 1809.
--Hardeman Duke in Alabama named his children after his siblings born in Georgia and named his son Welcome Parks Duke after his brother-in-law.

The following was a key secondary record for Hardeman because it established where he was from, according to his sons, and was produced soon after his death. Hardeman Duke came from Georgia in 1809, moved to Mississippi Territory in what is now Clarke Co, AL and settled on James Creek in Clarke Co, AL by 1811 according to the 1882 publication "A Glance into the Great Southeast or Clarke County, Alabama and its Surroundings from 1540 to 1877" written in 1879 by Rev. T. H. Ball The account stated further that "his sons were Thomas, William, Henry, John, Charles, Michael and Welcome Parks. William Duke, now about sixty-five years of age, is the miller at Cobb's mill on Silver Creek."

Hardyman served in War of 1812 under the militia with Captain Samuel Dale. He was in the 1810 Washington Co, Mississippi Territory census; the 1811 "Washington Co, AL" Tax List; the 1813 Clarke Co, AL Tax List; and the 1816 Clarke Co, AL Tax List. In 1816 he was about age 31 with 4 young children on the tax list. Clarke Co, AL was formed from Washington Co, Mississippi Territory in 1812. Hardeman was also reported to be a territorial judge. Any Duke/s children born in the Clarke Co, AL area before 1820 were probably children of Hardeman Duke because Elias Duke, another progenitor in that area, came to Clarke Co, AL after 1820.

Hardeman signed Hardyman Duke on his petition to the federal government to gain compensation for his losses in a burnout by the Indians in in Mississippi Territory. The transcription of Clarke Co, AL (previously part of Mississippi Territory) losses during the war with the Indians lists him as Hardy Mandukes with a claim of $244; the previous record above it was recorded as 24 Nov 1815. The itemized claim is transcribed as being that of Hardy Man Dukes for 200 bushels of corn, a mare, 30 hogs, potatoes and cotton, and household furniture burned in Singqufield's fort.

In 1830 Hardeman, age 50-59, was enumerated as Hardyman Dake in adjacent Monroe Co, AL. He resided with his presumed wife age 40-49, 2 males and 1 female under age 5, 1 male and 1 female age 5-9, 1 female age 10-14, and 3 males age 15-19.

Although Hardeman was an unusual name, the name was frequently reused in the southeastern US by the Duke family, and thus the records are mistakenly intertwined for a number of contemporaries to our Hardeman. Researchers must be aware that records have become mistakenly aligned among Hardeman and the following same-named men:

North Carolina Hardemans:

--A Hardiman Duke senior, possibly born around the 1740s and living in Franklin Co, NC, married Elizabeth Bartholomew. According to Duke descendant Michael Morgan, Hardeman's great granddaughter, Izora Dainey Duke Green born in 1883, stated her Duke line descended from the same family as Major Henry Duke and a cousin Doris Duke. Based on that statement, the Hardeman of Clarke Co was believed to be the son of Hardyman Duke senior born in Franklin County, NC who married Elizabeth Bartholomew. Hardyman senior's brother was Major Henry Duke (1745-1838) whose son Taylor started the tobacco business in North Carolina with his son Washington Duke. When James Bucannon Duke (the grandson of Taylor Duke and the father of millionaire heiress Doris Duke) died in the 1930s, attorneys came to Clarke County, AL in search of his Duke relatives. Izora Dainey Duke Green stated after the lawyers were in Clarke Co for a while they returned to NC. This would seem to indicate Hardeman Duke in Clarke Co was a first cousin of Taylor Duke, and M. (could this be William M?) Duke was a second cousin to Washington Duke, founder of the tobacco business. This would have made Izora Duke Green and Doris Duke fourth cousins. On the other hand, Izora's statement she was related to the NC Dukes may be based only on the fact the lawyers for that NC Duke line visited Clarke Co, and the lawyers may have come to Clarke Co to research Dukes there and not found no proven relatives. There is often a proclivity to claim a relationship with a well-known family, as happened several times with my Virginia family lines. It is important to note that to date the SE US Duke DNA study shows no matches between Major Henry Duke and Hardeman Duke descendants.

--Frequently confused with our Hardeman of Clarke Co, AL born ~1782 is a Hardeman Duke of Orange Co, NC who was a generation older than the Clarke Co man. From his pension record the man from Orange Co is shown as Hardeman Duke (also Harman, Harmon, Hardmond, Halderman, Dump, Dukes) b ~1760, who with his brother William Duke born 10 Jun 1754, served in the army, were discharged in 1778 and returned to NC. Hardeman served as a private in the 10th Regiment and enlisted 1 May 1776 and was discharged Nov 1778. ( They brothers were apparently sons of John Duke according to Jim Dukes' research.

This Hardeman Duke was said to have been born in Brunswick Co, VA and married Martha Wallis/Wallace in 1784 in Granville, NC; one of the statements to support this Hardeman's pension application in the 1830s was from a Granville, NC resident. An online family report stated Hardeman abandoned Martha shortly after their marriage, had children with other women, and later married Elizabeth Ricketts.

Census records imply there was only one man named Hardeman in Orange Co, NC from 1800 - 1830. A Hardeman Duke over age 45 was listed in Orange Co, NC in 1800 with 1 female under 10 and 1 female age 26-44. [A Hardmon was in SC and a Harwood in NC in 1810 census but neither seem to be this Hardeman according to Jim Dukes' research.] A Hardyman Duke residing in Orange Co and living close to Tyre Duke, was enumerated with just himself and a female both over age 45 in 1820. A Hardimon [sic] Duke, age 60 to 69 was living with a female age 50-59 in 1830 in Orange Co, close to Tiry Duke. This man in Orange Co from 1800 - 1830 is too old to be the Hardeman in Clarke Co, AL or in Laurens Co, GA. Hardeman was age 72 when he filed a pension application on 26 Nov 1832, thus he was born about 1760.

Private Hardeman Duke was listed on the North Carolina Revolutionary War Pensioners Roll as receiving $40 a half-year [actually states per month but meant semi-annually] beginning with in Sep 1831 continuing until Sep 1839. His brother William Duke began receiving payments at the same time and received his last payment in the first half of 1842. (

Hardeman's pension application shows he served as a private under Capt. Archibald Lyttle, Capt. Tilghman Dixon, Col. Francis Nash, Col Robert Mebane, Gen. J. Moore and Gen. Washington. He was to receive $80 a year beginning 4 Mar 1831 and was paid in arrears. His certificate of pension was issued 31 Jan 1833 and sent to the Honorable W. P. Mangum, who also witnessed his will a few years later. In the extensive paperwork, no wife before Elizabeth was mentioned. (

The statement of a Caswell Co, NC minister that he remembered Elizabeth Duke was the wife of Hardeman Duke and recalled seeing Elizabeth Dukes at the home of her mother Elizabeth Rickets [Duke] who lived near the minister's father in Orange Co is important because the statement ties the above Hardeman of Orange Co to the following will. Hardeman in his 27 Jul 1835 Orange Co will left his entire estate to his daughter Betsy, wife of John Duke. The will never mentioned his wife Elizabeth. The witnesses were Benjamin Hestor, Charity A. Mangum and William P. Mangum. His will was probated 10 Nov 1839 in Orange Co, NC. (

Descendants of this Hardeman have mistakenly traced him to Clarke Co, AL and then back to North Carolina to be buried with his brother Taylor Duke, likely the Tyre / Tiry Duke who was noted living near him on the censuses. Conversely family tradition among descendants of Hardeman of Clarke Co was he told his children that before his death he wanted to see his “back east” family one last time and he left Alabama never to be seen again; this story may have originated because of the same-named man in NC.

Elizabeth Dukes, widow of Hardeman, a private, was listed on the Nashville, Davidson Co, TN list of Revolutionary War Pensioners as receiving $40 per half year "beginning 4 Mar 1836." Elizabeth was not shown receiving payments on this Nashville roll until three years later in 1839. On the original it appears that above that 1836 date, the date 19 Oct 1839 has been written in which was likely the date of her husband's death. This pay register shows that payments to Elizabeth began in the first half of the following year in Mar 1840 and continued until Sep 1848 when she may have died. (

On 19 Dec 1846 in Maury Co, TN, two counties south of Davidson Co, Elizabeth Duke filed for additional widow's benefits. This Elizabeth Duke was the same widow receiving a pension in 1839 in Nashville, TN. Elizabeth Duke, age 79 and the widow of Hardeman Duke of Orange Co, NC who died 19 Oct 1939, applied under three acts granting half-pay and pensions to certain widows on 19 Dec 1846 in Maury Co, TN where she was living. Her certificate of pension was issued 29 Oct 1847 and sent ot John Morrow. On 17 Jul 1848 Elizabeth, now age 81 and living in adjoining in Lewis Co, TN, appeared in Maury Co court to apply for additional benefits for widows. The application noted their child Berry was born prior to 1794 but did not mention a daughter Elizabeth. (

Elizabeth Duke, widow of Private Hardeman Duke, was listed on the Nashville, TN Revolutionary War Pensioners roll with a pension beginning 4 Mar 1847. This roll shows she received two payments in 1849, died 30 Aug 1849, and was paid for the first quarter of 1850. (

--There were was a third Hardy Duke in NC at that time. In Warren Co, NC over 80 miles from Orange Co a Hardy Duke was enumerated in 1790 likely with his wife and 2 sons under age 16; to be included on the census in 1790 he would have had to have been born no later than 1769, thus also born a generation before the Hardeman Duke of Clarke Co, AL. He is reported to be the son of Samuel Duke (1722 Rocky Creek, Brunswick Co, VA - 1798 Franklin, Warren Co, NC and Sarah Pernencia Greene(?). He is often confused with the Hardeman in both Orange Co, NC and the one in Clarke Co, AL.

Hardemans in other states:

--A Hardeman Duke (1780-1860) was living in Laurens Co, SC in 1810 with his wife and 2 children; in 1820 with his wife and 5 children, and in 1830 was enumerated in Laurens Co as Haraman Duke and his presumed wife, both age 50-59, with 9 children. This man is contemporary with our Hardeman but lived in SC when our man was living in AL.

--A Hardeman Duke was enumerated as Hardeman Dake in Jasper Co, GA in 1820, meaning he was born before 1799. A Hardy Duke and his presumed wife age 40-50 were living in Jasper Co, GA in 1830 with 1 male under age 5, 1 male and 1 female age 5-10, 2 females age 10-15 and 2 males age 15-20. Hardiman Duke was noted 11 Jun 1849 on the Russell Co, AL Tract Book; Hardy Duke deeded this tract of 40 acres upon the end of his and his wife Mary's life to his son James H. Duke on 6 Apr 1855.
Hardy [transcribed as Horace], age 70 and thus born ~1780, and Mary, age 65, were living in Russell Co, AL by 1850 with children Mary age 25, James age 22 and Elizabeth Duke age 15. Hardy's widow Mary (transcribed as age 16 but actually age 76) was in the 1860 Russell Co, AL census with son James H. Dukes. This man was also the right age to be our ancestor but lived in the wrong place and lived longer than the Clarke Co Hardeman.

--A Bartholomew Hardy Dukes born about 1822 was enumerated as Hardy Dukes in the 1850 Jasper Co, GA census, married to Mary born about 1826 with a son William born about 1848. He was possibly the son of the Hardeman who moved to Russell Co, AL from Jasper Co, GA.

--A Hardyman Duke was listed in 1806 in the 10th Militia Regiment, Orleans Territory. Orleans Territory existed from 1804 until 1812 when it was admitted to the union as the state of Louisiana.

--A Hardeman Duke born in 1815 in Georgia and married to Mary Hickey in 1834 is frequently confused with Hardeman Duke of Clarke Co despite being born much later because the two men share a significant number of close dates and even the name of their first-born, leading to confusion and continual mixups among researchers. The descendants of this Hardeman and Mary Hickey have tested DNA, carefully researched their lineage, and have family pictures from that era.

--Another Hardeman Duke in Georgia married Lousia Carolyn Hamrick in 1844 and was with her in the 1860, 1870 and 1880 censuses. He was with a wife named Eliza in the 1850 census but her dates match the other censuses so her name may be incorrect in 1850 and she may be Louisa Carolyn.

--A Hardiman Dukes was granted 40 acres in Lee Co, AL in 1850.

--A Hardin Duke born 1 Jul 1760 in Hanover Co, VA applied for a Revolutionary War pension in 1832 in Lousia Co, VA.

--And finally another Hardeman Duke married married Elizabeth Glowers in 1893 in Georgia.

Children of Hardeman Duke and Sally Jordan


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Ila Thomas1

M, ID# 10855, (1794 - 1842)
     Ila Thomas was born in 1794 at Georgia. He married Mary Edwards on 12 Dec 1818 at Clarke Co, Alabama. Ila Thomas died in 1842 at Tuscaloosa Co, Alabama.

Children of Ila Thomas and Mary Edwards


  1. [S579] Hardeman Duke Family Records.

Sarah Jane Thomas1,2

F, ID# 10856, (1825 - 3 Sep 1912)
Father:Ila Thomas (1794 - 1842)
Mother:Mary Edwards (1801 - 1871)
     Sarah Jane Thomas was born in 1825 at Greene Co, Alabama. She was the daughter of Ila Thomas and Mary Edwards. Sarah Jane Thomas married John H. Duke I, son of Hardeman Duke and Sally Jordan, on 8 Jan 1846 at Clarke Co, Alabama. Sarah Jane Thomas married Rev Ezekiel E. Ellis on 3 Mar 1855 at Clarke Co, Alabama. Sarah Jane Thomas died on 3 Sep 1912 at Placerville, El Dorado Co, California.
      By 1860 Sarah Jane Thomas is living with her second husband and their children in Grove Hill, Clarke Co, AL.

Children of Sarah Jane Thomas and John H. Duke I

Child of Sarah Jane Thomas and Rev Ezekiel E. Ellis


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John H. Duke I1,2

M, ID# 10857, (1826 - b 1855)
Father:Hardeman Duke (c 1777 - )
Mother:Sally Jordan (1785 - 1828)
     John H. Duke I was born in 1826. He was the son of Hardeman Duke and Sally Jordan. John H. Duke I married Sarah Jane Thomas, daughter of Ila Thomas and Mary Edwards, on 8 Jan 1846 at Clarke Co, Alabama. John H. Duke I died b 1855 at Clarke Co, Alabama.
      John H. Dukes, age 24, was enumerated as J. H. Duke on the 1850 Clarke Co, AL census with his wife Sarah and their children. His middle name may be Hillard.

Children of John H. Duke I and Sarah Jane Thomas


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N. W. Smith

M, ID# 10858, (a 1811 - )
     N. W. Smith was born a 1811. He married Mary ?? Duke, daughter of Elias Duke and Emily "Milly" Francis Elkins, on 14 Apr 1855 at Clarke Co, Alabama.

Gabriel "Gabe" Meek Keith Hightower1,2

M, ID# 10859, (14 Dec 1846 - 11 Dec 1898)
     Gabriel "Gabe" Meek Keith Hightower was born on 14 Dec 1846 at Mount Vernon, Franklin Co, Texas. He married Georgia "Georgie" Ann Dukes, daughter of Abraham "Abram" J. Dukes and Martha Ann Luker, on 29 Dec 1870 at Mount Vernon, Franklin Co, Texas. Gabriel "Gabe" Meek Keith Hightower died on 11 Dec 1898 at Hagensport, Franklin Co, Texas, at age 51.

Children of Gabriel "Gabe" Meek Keith Hightower and Georgia "Georgie" Ann Dukes


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Meranda Duke1,2

F, ID# 10860, (c 1804 - )
Father:Elias Duke (c 1785 - b 1840)
Mother:Emily "Milly" Francis Elkins (c 1786 - a 1860)
     Meranda Duke was born c 1804. She was the daughter of Elias Duke and Emily "Milly" Francis Elkins.
      Robert Elkins 's 28 Sep 1820 will provided a bequest of one seventh of his estate to his granddaughter Meranda Dukes to be paid her at age 21;thus she was under age 21 at that time.


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